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School Vision and Values

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Our vision:

Within our caring community, we encourage everyone to believe in themselves and our school values of inclusion, integrity and independence. These underpin learning and development and enable every member of our school community to achieve excellence. With high academic and behavioural expectations we empower our pupils and staff to succeed in school and in life beyond Gilbert Inglefield Academy.

In order to fulfil this vision we aim:

  • To be a school for the 21st century, equipped to prepare our pupils for the rapidly changing needs of a multi-cultural society.
  • To work together to ensure that our pupils feel valued, are healthy and safe; enjoy learning and achieve success; make a positive contribution to society and are prepared for economic security in the future.
  • To be recognised as a community which fosters excellence in the academic, cultural, personal and social development of all pupils irrespective of race, creed, gender or disability.
  • To enable our pupils to become lifelong, enterprising, independent learners able to take risks and assume responsibility confidently.
  • To foster a set of moral values including honesty, compassion, tolerance and a sense of responsibility.
  • To be a valued and active part of the local community and promote a powerful, collaborative approach to learning through our partnership with other local schools.
  • To maintain a dynamic and motivated staff prepared to embrace change and respond to these principles.

Our values:

  • inclusion
  • integrity 
  • independence
  • honesty
  • compassion
  • tolerance 
  • responsibility