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Gilbert Inglefield

Student Leadership 2022-2023

Digital Leaders

October 2022
All Year 8 students were able to apply to be Digital Leaders. The students below were selected. The role involves various responsibilities including helping staff and students with their IT problems, running clubs at lunchtimes and taking part in assemblies.

So far this term, Mr. Martin and the Digital Leaders have had meetings to plan and organise the way forward, including the creation of a new Year 7 computing club. This Sketchup club will start on Friday 7th October and all the Digital Leaders will be attending to offer help and assistance to any students that need it. Mr. Martin is looking forward to an amazing year with the Digital Leaders who have already managed to impress him with their enthusiasm and creativeness. 

Music Leaders

Music Leaders are pupils who show a love of music and take part in the musical life of the school. They help Mrs. Saracino to set up events,  support the younger pupils in the many music clubs that are on offer, as well as setting the standard of behaviour and representing the school at in-school concerts and events  and out of school musical visits.

Pastoral Leadership

  • Our Wellbeing Group works with the school to support learning, share their experience of school and barriers to learning and look at solutions to enhance the learning environment.
  • Our Prefects to act as guides for school visits and for open evenings etc.  They play a key role in supporting staff at lunchtime and supporting pupils in accessing play areas.
  • Our Aspire Assistants are based in our Aspire Unit where they work with pupils, overseeing board games and supporting friendships
  • Our Mental Health Champions  lead on peer support throughout the school year
  • Our Be Her Lead Committee will be undertaking a project designed to raise current issues for girls and to promote self-esteem and positive body image. We will be working on a community project and liaising with a community group. 

School Council

Our School Council, which has a representative from each form voted for by their classmates, works with the school to look at rewards and sanctions,
environment and behaviour. The Council meet weekly to discuss the learning environment and to offer opinions and solutions in working together to increase uptake of extra-curricular activities and to enhance the school experience.

Sports Leaders

Our Sports Leaders are used as role models within the school.  They have weekly duties and clubs to help run, as well as making sure that they attend training towards a qualification and certificate.  They also help run cluster events whereby they teach and coach pupils from Years 1 to 4;  the biggest such event was run   in conjunction with LLSSP and involved 178 young people from surrounding lower schools.  

 We are very proud of our Sports Leaders and how they conduct themselves around school.