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Our school values reading as a key life skill, and a source of life-long enjoyment.

We are dedicated to ensuring our students gain the skills to not only achieve academically, but to enjoy reading for pleasure. We believe that reading widely  will allow students to understand and use new vocabulary and grammatical structures. In turn this will increase their language and communication skills, leading to increased opportunities in the future. 

Our curriculum encourages a breadth of reading, with differentiated work to accommodate all levels of ability.  Students are read to at the end of each school day by their form tutor; these books are carefully chosen to ensure they are not only high quality texts but enjoyable to listen to.

To assist our pupils with their reading for pleasure, we use the Accelerated Reader scheme.. Students are encouraged to take  books from their particular ZPD (zone of proximal development) located in our library. This gives them the optimal chance to discover, enjoy and comprehend the books they choose.

We are also in the process of introducing specialist interventions in both phonics and reading.  We  are also developing new and exciting reading opportunities for our students. We look forward to sharing information about these new initiatives  with parents/carers soon.

What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

 Bloom's Taxonomy Questions for Reading

Scholastic Book Club
Our school is now a member of the Scholastic Book Club!
Every month selected books across all age groups are available at a discount.
You can order books from our school's page on the Scholastic Book Club website.