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Autumn Term 2023: -Note to parents/carers:
Due to extended form time on Wednesdays, students in 8MT may come to school in their PE that day as they have PE in Lesson 1. 
For the autumn term ONLY, Year 5 students may also come to school in PE kit on any day when they have PE in Lesson 1.

We are proud to be a smart, uniformed school. Our uniform is a symbol of our collective identity and our school values. A high standard of uniform is expected at all times, throughout the school day, on the way to and from school and on school trips (unless students are instructed otherwise).

Please see below the uniform expectations for all students. Please note that some websites have items in the school section that do not fit our school's uniform policy. School uniform can be ordered from  Wear to School. There are also examples of acceptable uniform at the bottom of this page. 

School Uniform

  • White school polo shirt (with a purple stripe through the collar)
  • Purple school sweatshirt/cardigan with the school logo
  • Mid grey or charcoal grey knee length skirt or tailored trousers/shorts (Trousers must not be fashion trousers, leggings, jeans or narrow at the ankle: the hem width should be at least 18cm seam-to-seam. Skirts may be A-line or pleated but without side slits and not of a stretchy fabric)
  • White, grey or black socks or tights
  • Plain black leather school shoes or ankle boots (shoes must not be trainers or ballet-style pumps and should have heels of no more than 2cm height; all shoes must be waterproof and protect the top of the foot.)

P.E. Kit

  • Short sleeved purple & black sports shirt with school logo
  • Black shorts or skort (no cycling shorts)
  • Plain black football socks
  • Trainers (running style NOT plimsolls or baseball boot style & no black soles)
  • Football boots with studs or Astro boots 
  • Shin pads (essential for hockey and football)
  • Gum shield (essential for hockey and rugby)

Optional extras:

  • Sports leggings may be worn but they must be non-see through. We are happy for shorts to be worn over the top.
  • Long sleeve rugby-style top in purple & black with school logo
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms may be worn over shorts in cold weather.
  • Black gloves and black beanie-style hat for cold weather
  • School hoodie/Sports Leader hoodie
  • Black waterproof jacket to wear over hoodie in inclement weather
  • Sports/gym bag with school logo

Uniform Rules

  • If a class has PE for their last lesson, they may go home in their PE kit. They cannot come into school wearing PE kit, even if they have PE in lesson 1.
  • Hair bands and slides must be suitable for school. 
  • One set of plain metal ear studs (one stud only in each earlobe) and a watch may be worn. Hoop and drop earrings are not allowed. No other jewellery (e.g. rings, necklaces) or body piercing may be worn.
  • Smart watches are not allowed to be worn in school.
  • Pupils are not allowed to wear make-up of any kind, including nail varnish and false nails, and coloured or “dip-dyed” hair is not permitted.

Non Uniform Day Rules

  • On non uniform days, students are expected to wear clothing suitable for a day's work at school.
  • The normal rules regarding jewellery and make up still apply.
  • Students should not wear cropped tops where the midriff can be seen or low necklines.
  • Students should not wear flip flops, Crocs or unsecured sandals as such footwear could be a safety hazard.
  • PE kit should still be brought in on a non uniform day if a PE lesson is scheduled for that day. 

P.E. Lesson Rules

  • During P.E. lessons, watches and ear studs must be removed. Earring tape is not acceptable to cover studs.
  • If a pupil forgets their P.E. kit they must borrow spare kit from the school. The school will not telephone home to get someone to bring the kit in for them. The incident will be logged on school records.
  • If a pupil brings in a note from home to say they are not well enough to do P.E. they should still wear their P.E. kit, as they will normally still be able to coach or umpire.

Outdoor Wear

All students should have a sensible waterproof and warm outdoor coat.

  • No other sweatshirt, jumper, pullover, hoodie, cardigan or tracksuit top etc. is permitted to be worn under or instead of a coat.
  • Coats may not be denim, leather or bomber jackets. They should not display large logos.
  • Coats are not to be worn at any time in the classroom
  • Coats do not have to be dark in colour; indeed, bright and reflective coats are encouraged for safety reasons
  • Gloves and hats may be worn in winter, and a sun hat in summer, to and from school and at break and lunch time but must be removed once inside. Coat hoods must not be worn up inside.

Identifying school uniform

All items of clothing should have your child’s name written in it, otherwise if it is lost it cannot be identified and may not be retained in lost property; after a period of time if unclaimed it will become part of our bank of school uniform held in school or sold second hand.

Sanctions for incorrect uniform

If a student arrives at school without the correct uniform, or isn’t following our uniform rules during the school day, then they will be:

  • issued with a ‘Uniform Reminder’ which will be recorded and:
  • provided with school issued uniform as a replacement for the day (which will be returned) or sent home if refusing to wear the said item.

Students may also:

  • have any items of clothing that are not part of our uniform rules confiscated. These can be collected at the end of the day by the student or by a parent/carer if uniform issues are repeated.
  • be issued with a ‘C2 Uniform Detention’ at lunch time.

In extreme cases where students persistently fail to follow our uniform rules, they may be withdrawn from lessons, or issued with a fixed term suspension. Incidents of failing to follow instructions and persistent defiance are already part of our behaviour policy.

Parental Support

We expect parent(s)/carer(s) to support us in maintaining high standards of uniform. If for any reason a parent/carer is unable to provide uniform due to financial difficulties, we may be able to help. Please contact the school, in confidence, as a matter of urgency and ask to speak to the Head of Year. We keep some uniform items which are laundered and ready to wear. These items may be borrowed for a limited period. We regularly update our stock, so there is no reason why any student should be out of uniform.

Students for whom we receive Pupil Premium funding will be supported with the purchase of school uniform, PE kit and equipment.