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Gilbert Inglefield

Our Staff 2023-2024

Senior Leadership

Mrs. S. Winter Head Teacher
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs. H. Castledine Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs. C. O’Callaghan Deputy Head Teacher
Mr. S. Wareham Senior Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs. L. Thompson Assistant Head Teacher of Key Stage 2
Miss K. Turney

Assistant Head Teacher of Key Stage 3 - Curriculum

Mr. G. Walker

Assistant Head Teacher of  Key Stage 3 - Behaviour

Mrs. K. Webb

Director of Pupil Well Being
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs. S. Sibley

School Manager


Miss A. Ahmed –  English teacher (ECT) & 7AA form tutor
Miss L. Burrell Class teacher &  Joint 6LB form tutor
Joint Head of Key Stage 2 English
Mr. J. Cocomazzi Class teacher & 6JC form tutor
Assistant Head of Maths
Mr. S. Coleman Class teacher
Miss. S. Craydon Class Teacher & 6SC form tutor
Mrs. S. Dexter Head of Maths & Head of Year 8
Miss M. Diamond Class teacher & SENDCo
Miss H. Finley Class teacher & 5HF form tutor
Mr. R. Fower English teacher
Mrs. S. Fuller UQT & 7SF form tutor 
Miss N. Gonzalez Head of French & 7NG form tutor
Miss K. Hassall

UQT & 8KH form tutor

Mr. J. Henkes

Head of PE & Sport
8JH form tutor

Mr. N. Heritage Head of Religious Education & World View
5NH form tutor
Mrs. E. Hewett Class teacher & 6LB joint form tutor
Miss E. Hewitt UQT & 6EH form tutor
Ms. E. Hopkin Head of Art & Design Technology and 8EH form tutor 

Mrs. C. Jones

Head of Music
Mrs. I. Keen Class teacher (ECT) & 6IK form tutor
Miss F. Lockwood Head of Year 6 
Mr. F. Ma Class teacher & 5FM form tutor
Mr. P. Martin Head of Computing
7PM form tutor

Mr. B. Mead UQT & 5BM form tutor
Mr. J. McKenzie Class teacher & 7JM form tutor
Mr. C. Millett Class teacher &  Head of Year 7
Mr. R. Mulford PE teacher & 8RM form tutor
Mrs. T. O'Hanlon Class teacher & 6TO form tutor
Mrs. L. Price 5LP form tutor & Head of Year 5
Miss E. Shatford

Class teacher 
Head of Key Stage 3 English
(maternity leave)

Mrs. J. Siddle

Head of Science & 7JS form tutor

Mrs. M. Timberlake

Head of Humanities
8MT form tutor

Miss S. Tobie

Key Stage 2 teacher 
Joint Head of Key Stage 2 English
(maternity leave

Mr. J Walshaw 

Class teacher (ECT) & 5JW form tutor

Miss S. White

Class teacher & 8SW form tutor

Education Support Staff

Mrs. S. Childs Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. K. Coomber Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. K. Downing Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. H. Drakeley ELSA
Miss C. Dixson Learning Support Assistant
Miss N. Dyer Cover Supervisor
Mrs. T. Funge Lead Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. D. Graham Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. J. Holliday Assistant SENDCo
Mrs. K. Honeyfield Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. S. Hrano Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. A. Kelly Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. J. Lomas Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. K. Manning Reading Specialist
Miss C. McDermott ELSA
Mr. N. O'Callaghan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. F. Orbell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. K. Quinn Learning Support Assistant
Miss M. Sanchez Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. R. Smith Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. A. Stevenson Cover Supervisor
Mrs. S. Thorne Learning Support Assistant

Administrative & Technical Support

Mrs. K. Bright Attendance & Admissions / PA to Head Teacher
Mr. D. Haynes ICT Network & Data Manager
Miss A. Keen Reception/Library Assistant
Mrs. S. Lee Reception & Trip Administrator
Ms. F. MacKrill Admin Assistant/Website
Mrs. K. Nash Reprographics
Miss T. Reilly Art, DT & Food Technician
Miss J. Siddle Science Technician
Mrs. V. Spurr Reception & Admin Assistant
Mr. I. Willis ICT Technician
Ms. P. Woodgate Art, DT & Food Technician

Site Team

Mr. G. Rutter Site Agent
Miss J. Allen Assistant Site Agent