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Year 7 Whipsnade Zoo Trip - December 2019

Mrs. Lawson and Mrs. Timberlake are members of Whipsnade Zoo’s Learning Panel, which means that they work in liaison with the zoo to help improve the zoo’s learning programme. In return, the school sometimes receives zoo rewards. One such reward was a visit to Whipsnade Zoo for a group of Year 7 students  which took place on 12th December. Here are some of their thoughts on the visit:

“'The baby giraffes looked really cute.” 

“The lemurs were all huddled together to keep warm. We went on a really cold, wet and windy day but it was still fun with lots to see and do. The butterflies are attracted to sweet stuff. The wolverines looked cute but are very fierce. We learned a lot about what zoos do .We learned about being an elephant keeper. In the Elves Workshop we made 'goody bags' with treats for the lemurs and chimps.”

We loved the beautiful butterflies, especially when they landed on us.”