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We are County Champions!

The Year 7 boys' football team delivered a masterclass in determination and skill to seize the County Cup with a thrilling 1-0 triumph over Woodland Middle School in the final on 13th June.

The match's defining moment arrived early when Monty executed a skilful turn before threading a precise pass through the opposition's defence, finding Harry P. who coolly slotted the ball into the net to give his team an early lead.

Dominating the midfield, Harry W. and Ben created an impenetrable barrier, thwarting any attempts by the opposition to control the game. Ben's effective two-touch play was instrumental in maintaining possession, ensuring the team controlled the tempo and kept the opposition chasing shadows. In defence, Tyler, Ethan and Blake formed an unyielding wall. Tyler's leadership and finesse shone brightly, while Ethan's sheer strength nullified the threat posed by the opposing number 10. Blake's commanding presence left their speedy winger with no route to goal.

The relentless attacking force of Rico, Harry W., George. and Harry P. peppered the opposition's goal with shots, constantly seeking to extend their lead. Nearing the final minutes of the match Kai  attempted an eccentric bicycle kick, showcasing the team's flair and ambition. Ben's steady support of Harry W. ensured that the team maintained a stronghold in midfield.

Harry D.'s performance between the sticks was nothing short of phenomenal, making crucial saves that kept the opposition at bay. Solid defensive play from Jacob B. and superb link-up work up front from Kai and Rico provided the team with much-needed balance. George and Harry P. dazzled with their mesmerising skills, while Milan's strength and no mercy tackles cemented the team's dominance in midfield.

As the clock ticked down, the tension escalated. Every second seemed to drag as subs and spectators on the sidelines anxiously awaited the final whistle. When it finally sounded, it unleashed a wave of elation and relief, confirming their hard-fought victory.

Monty's versatility and ability to read the game created numerous opportunities for the GIA boys, constantly putting the opposition under pressure and opening up chances for his teammates.

The boys' unity was symbolised by the County Cup-winning mantras and affirmations written on their socks or boots, a testament to their collective determination and spirit. Captain Ben led by example and proudly hoisted the trophy with the team in elation surrounding him, while Tyler was rightly named Man of the Match for his outstanding contributions and captaincy in Ben's absence.

 This triumph is a testament to the Year 7 boys' relentless hard work, exceptional skill, and unbreakable unity. Their victory in the County Cup final adds to Gilbert Inglefield's proud legacy of sporting excellence, showcasing the school's commitment to nurturing talent, teamwork, and perseverance. This victory will be remembered as a shining moment of perseverance and teamwork, inspiring future generations of students to strive for greatness.

Mr. Mulford