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Gilbert Inglefield

Coronation Theme Day - Friday 5th May

Coronation Theme Day

5th May 2023 was a little bit different for Gilberts! We spent the day looking at the traditions surrounding the King's Coronation. It was a lovely day with lots of different activities in all areas of the school!

It certainly added to the joyous mood leading up to 6th May!

Mrs. Timberlake - Head of Humanities

Pupils spent the day in the art room creating giant jewellery for the King's Coronation

 The day started with some images for inspiration and sketching out ideas before moving on to creating an armature out of card and newspaper. To make the jewellery rigid pupils added mod roc before painting and decorating.  

Ms. Hopkin- Head of Art

To celebrate the Coronation, Key Stage 3 pupils and then Key Stage 2 pupils practised the national anthem on their chosen instruments and then rehearsed as a group.

Mrs. Saracino - Head of Music