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British Science Week

Gilberts is celebrating British Science Week, with each year group having a Science Day. Thank you to head of science Mrs. Siddle and her team for all their hard work. 

On 11th March, Year 5 enjoyed making feather slides, which they viewed under a microscope, and took part in the tea bag ghost experiment! The tadpoles hatched out of the frog spawn in the lab that day too. 

On 12th March,  Year 6 Science Day activities were based around forensic science. In Miss Finley's lab, students used chromatography to identify which suspect’s pen wrote the note from the crime scene. In Miss O'Hanlon's lab, they had three unknown white powders to identify In Mrs. Siddle's lab, they extracted DNA from strawberries.

On 13th March, Year 8 Science Day activities involved Mrs. O’Hanlon doing rainbow fizz and the indicator challenge – working with acids, alkalis and indicators. Mrs. Siddle did experiments with dry ice with very dramatic results!

British Science Week - 11th - 15th March 2024