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Over the course of the four years, pupils will be taught a high-quality curriculum and all pupils will leave school with a well-rounded music education that supports them to think more musically and, consequently, become more musical. Our aim for pupils is to make sure they develop a greater depth of knowledge in the subject area and to ensure a passion to appreciate all types of music throughout their lives.

We are proud to be a Music Mark school. Children learn to play wide range of musical instruments such as djembe drums, ukuleles and keyboards. Children also learn about music from different cultures and traditions, including listening to the music of classical composers. Every child can demonstrate elements of composition, independently applying their knowledge of notational skills.

A wide selection of music clubs is offered by our fantastic peripatetic staff on a weekly basis each term, such as choir, ukulele club, guitar club and string group. We are incredibly lucky to have a wide range of instrumental teachers, including guitar, singing, piano, woodwind, brass and percussion.

Curriculum Map

Our curriculum maps are being updated and we will share these with you soon.