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Meetings Calendar 2023/2024

Autumn Term 2023

  • Thursday 28th September - Full Governing Board 6.30pm
  • Thursday 30th November - Full Governing Board 6.30pm

Spring Term 2024

  • Monday 22nd January: Governance review - 1pm at GIA
  • Wednesday 31st January: Teaching and Learning committee 5.30pm at GIA
  • Wednesday 7th February: Resources committee 6pm (virtual)
  • Monday 12th February: Full Governing Body 6pm at GIA
  • Wednesday 13th March: Teaching and Learning committee 6pm (virtual)
  • Wednesday 20th March: Resources committee 6pm (virtual)
  • Wednesday 27th March: Full Governing Board 6pm at GIA

Summer Term 2024

  • Wednesday 8th May: Teaching and Learning Committee 6pm (virtual)

  • Wednesday 15th May: Resources Committee 6pm(virtual)

  • Wednesday 22nd May: Full Governing Board 6pm at GIA

  •  Wednesday 26th June: Teaching and Learning Committee 6pm at GIA

  • Wednesday 3rd July: Resources Committee 6pm at GIA

  • Wednesday 10th July: Full Governing Board 6pm at GIA