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Gilbert Inglefield

Science Curriculum 2022-2023

 Head of Department: Mrs. J. Siddle
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In our  science department we aim to inspire children to be curious and ask questions, we want them to see the links between science and their everyday lives. A child that is asking questions is a child that is thinking, and we aim to encourage them to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena.

Practical activities are an important part of science, but they are of little value if the children do not understand the aim of the practical, and the reason they are preforming it. At Gilbert Inglefield we interleave practical and theory, so that both the knowledge and skills required are developed equally.

We are currently going through a transition with the Key Stage 3 science curriculum, so Year 8 children and Year 7 children may study some of the same topics this year. We are liaising closely with Vandyke science department to ensure that our current year 8 cohort (and all future cohorts) have the necessary skills and knowledge as they move to upper school and start their GCSE studies.

At Gilbert Inglefield we are fortunate to have four science labs, excellent science equipment, specialist science teachers , and a laboratory technician, to ensure high quality science teaching for all our students.

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