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Gilbert Inglefield

PSHE Curriculum 2021-2022

Head of Department: Mrs. M. Timberlake
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PSHE is an essential element of the curriculum at Gilbert Inglefield Academy. In this complex and challenging world, PSHE lessons aim to support students by helping them to:

  • Live safe, healthy, and enjoyable lives;
  • Grow and develop; not only as individuals, but also as members of society in general;
  • Become fulfilled, productive, and responsible;
  • Form and maintain good relationships;
  • Make a positive difference to their own lives and the lives of others;
  • Clarify their own values and attitudes, and gain knowledge and understanding of those of other people;
  • Build their personal identities and self-esteem;

PSHE covers topics in Years 5-8 in increasing depth including:

  • Wellbeing and emotional health;
  • Physical activity;
  • Food and nutrition;
  • Disability;
  • Puberty;
  • Sex and relationships;
  • Drug education;
  • Fire and road safety;
  • Careers and personal finance;
  • Caring for the environment.

The PSHEE syllabus covers a variety of topics which link to the letters of the subject: Personal, Social, Health, and Emotional Wellbeing. Pupils will learn about themselves, how to treat others, and becoming a better citizen. They will learn how to be safe and enjoy their lives.

A range of teaching and learning styles will be employed through the course. Pupils will discuss in circle times and group work. They will create artwork, poems and role plays, as well as producing deep and meaningful work on topics such as discrimination.

Year 5

  • Respect and bullying:
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Staying safe
  • Careers
  • Substances
  • Keeping active
  • Puberty

 Year 6

  •  Personal Identity
  • Puberty and reproduction
  • Health and hygiene
  • Managing change
  • Media literacy
  • Friendships and staying safe
  • Careers

Year 7

  • Economic wellbeing
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Substances
  • Careers
  • Relationships
  • Friendships and diversity

Year 8

  • Careers
  • Friendships and managing influences
  • Relationships
  • First aid and keeping safe
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Moving forward