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Year 8 Last Day of Term Arrangements

Year 8 students should come to school at the normal time of 8.30am wearing their full school uniform.

We will hold a special farewell assembly in the morning, followed by a pizza party on the tennis courts. Students will be allowed to write on any EXTRA polo shirt they have brought with them into school, NOT on the one they are wearing.  The students will be able to circulate within the year group to get their yearbooks signed.

We would be very grateful if parents/carers would contribute £10 towards the cost of the end of term arrangements. This includes pizza, drinks and an edition of the Year 8 yearbook for each student.  Consent to attend the pizza party and eat pizza, as well as payment, should be made via the trips section on the Arbor app by Friday 12th July.

Year 8 students will leave school for the final time at 12pm.  Please remember that the rest of our students will be leaving at 1pm.