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6TO & 6IK Rushmere trip

We have arranged exciting visits to Rushmere Country Park for our Year 6 students.

6TO and 6IK will go on Tuesday 4th June. 6TO will go in the morning and 6IK will go in the afternoon. Children going in the morning should arrive at school at the usual time. Children going in the afternoon will have an early lunch and will be back before the end of the school day.

The visit will be led by staff from the Greensand Trust and the children will looking at and comparing different habitats including a bug hunt.

Children should wear non uniform clothing suitable for the weather and temperature on the day of their trip and will need to bring suitable footwear as the park may be muddy. If the weather is warm, they will need a hat and sunscreen.

We will travel to and from Rushmere by minibus.