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5NH and 5AS visit to Oxford Castle and Prison

We have arranged an exciting trip to Oxford Castle and Prison for our Year 5 pupils.

5NH and 5AS will be going on Tuesday 18th June.

In the summer term, children will be studying the theme of Crime and Punishment in their history lessons and this trip will support and embed the learning under this topic.

During the trip children will take part in a costumed guided tour of the castle and prison. They will climb the 101 steps to the top of St. George’s Tower, then descend underground into the atmospheric Norman crypt, explore the prison cells and discover the great stories of some famous inmates. Children will also explore the theme of Crime and Punishment through history; through adult led workshops they will use objects, documents and costume to find out more about changing attitudes to crime and how criminals have been captured and punished over the years. 

On the day of their trip, children will need to be at school at 7.45am prompt and should go to the dining hall for registration. Each day we will leave school at 8:00am. to allow enough time to get to Oxford in time to start the activities at 10am. All trips have been arranged to be back at school by 3:15pm so normal end of school arrangements will apply.

Pupils should bring a packed lunch and a drink, preferably in a disposable bag. No cans or energy drinks are allowed. Pupils should wear full school uniform.