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5JW, 5BM & 5NH Visit to Waddesdon Manor

We have arranged an exciting trip to Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire for our Year 5 students.

Students in 5LP, 5FM and 5HF will be going on Monday 27th November. Students in 5JW, 5BM and 5NH will be going on Tuesday 28th November.

We will be given a tour of the house and the students will take part in a workshop called “Who Lives in a House Like This?”, focusing on the hierarchy of Victorian Waddesdon – who did what and how did they do it? This will complement their learning in school about the Victorians this term and will give the children a chance to learn more about the history of the Rothschild family at Waddesdon.

We will travel to and from Waddesdon by coach. We will be setting off at 9.30am and we will return to school before the end of the school day so children will be going home at the usual time.

Your child will need to bring a packed lunch and drink.  If your child usually has free school meals and you would like the canteen to provide them with a packed lunch, please let us know.

Your child should arrive at school at 8.30am as normal, wearing full school uniform. Alternatively, they may if they wish come on the trip dressed as a Victorian child. Some ideas for costumes are shown below.

Mobile phones are not allowed on the trip; students should leave their phones in their form boxes as usual on arrival at school and collect them from the boxes at the end of the school day.

Letter to parents